TV Theme Tunes

The 70's, 80's and to some extent, the 90's had some of the greatest theme tunes. Here are some of my recreations of these iconic tunes from both UK and USA shows

The New Avengers Theme Tune

The New Avengers theme tune from the classic 1976 British TV series. Originally composed by the incredibly talented Laurie Johnson who also scored The Professionals

The Professionals Theme Tune

Here's my take on an old classic TV cop series The Professionals from the UK. Great theme tune by composer Laurie Johnson.

Magnum PI Theme Tune

Here is my take on another classic theme tune from the eighties - Magnum PI.

The Streets of San Francisco Theme Tune

Here is my funk rock take on the classic Streets of San Francisco funky theme tune by Patrick Williams

Starsky and Hutch Theme Tune

Starsky and Hutch Theme Tune - another great classic TV theme tune from the 1970's

The Sweeny Theme Tune

This is my adaptation of the opening and closing theme tune to the classic UK cop drama, The Sweeny, starring John Thaw and Dennis Waterman.